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Plaisted Horticultural Products

Plaisted Horticultural mixes are like no other — they contain highly sought after ingredients i.e. composted pine bark, Peat, Inc. peat and organic black soil.

Plaisted Companies creates horticultural mixes for commercial and home use.  So whether you need a garden mix for planting trees, shrubs or flowers or a soil replacement mix, Plaisted’s computerized Accublender™ can create it.  For consistent nursery container growth, check with us to create your custom mix or use one of our existing mixes to meet your specific need.The following horticultural mixes are created for specific growing situations. To gain more detail about the products and their applications click on the product names marked.

Call our Dispatch or a Plaisted Soil Specialist for a price quote and delivery date at 763.441.1100.

Black Dirt & Compost Mix — Mix of pulverized Black Dirt & Leaf Compost to enhance growth of any horticultural materials and lawns.

Pulverized Black Dirt — Pulverized. The finest in the area! It is screened and is used for all sorts of lawn, garden and planting applications Plaisted Companies Pine Bark

Plaisted’s Composted Pine Bark:  Recycle symbol
This pine bark has been composted for about one year.
When ready, it is one of the main ingredients, blended with other ingredients to grow greenhouse and nursery stock.

Plaisted’s Growers Mix: Recycle symbol
Many professional growers use this mix. Homeowners can mix this product with their native soil to improve the soil condition to grow flowers, shrubs, and trees. It gives you better plant survival, plant growth, flowering and less plant maintenance. We recommend mixing 25% of this mix with 75% of the native soil. In clay conditions it will improve the drainage and help keep the soil loose and manageable. While in sandy soil, it will reduce the amount of watering and fertilizer needed.
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Plaisted's Greenhouse Mix: NEW! Recycle symbol
This blend of top-quality ingredients offers exceptional water retention properties resulting in less watering and related costs. The computer-blended mix includes composted pine bark, coarse fibrous peat, and perlite. We can also add fertilizer, or custom blend to meet your needs. It comes bulk or bagged.  
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Plaisted’s Premium Garden Mix: Recycle symbol
It is the best premium garden mix on the market today. It can be used as a replacement or amendment to existing soil. It consists of organic compost, coarse fibrous peat to retain water, screened soil, and coarse sand for better drainage and keeping the soil loose. Successful gardening and plant growth depends upon good soil conditions.
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Plaisted's Organic Yard Compost: Recycle symbol
Consists ofleaves, grass clippings, and wood clips that is composted over one year. There are many advantages to adding this organic mix to your soil. It helps absorb and distribute moisture, oxygen and nutrients necessary for better growth. It also provides better porosity in the soil and helps maintain loose soil conditions.
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Plaisted’s Organic Compost Mix: Recycle symbol
MN DOT 3890-2 Type 2 Leaf Compost
This mix can be used as a replacement or amendment to soil. It consists of Plaisted's Organic Compost and Plaisted's Screened Soil. The organic matter enriches the soil by providing better porosity , absorb and distribute moisture, oxygen, and nutrients, thus giving you better soil condition and better growth.
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Plaisted's Clay Soil Amendment: Recycle symbol
This mix is great for improving the soil condition for ideal growth. The concept was to try and get your soil closer to what the growers use in their mix in obtaining great growth and products. It consists of composted pine bark to create more air space for the water to get to the roots, organic compost in adding more organic matter, fibrous coarse peat to retain water for the roots, and coarse sand to help keep the soil loose. Mix 50% of this mix with your native soil.
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Plaisted's Sandy Soil Amendment: Recycle symbol
The problem with these conditions is the water just runs through the soil and lacks nutrients for good growth. Our mix consists of screened soil, composted pine bark, organic compost, and fibrous coarse peat to retain the water. The idea is to try and get your soil closer to what the growers are using in their mix to obtain better growth. Mix 50% of this mix with your native soil.
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Plaisted's Wonder Bed Mulch Amendment: Recycle symbol
For the customer that is looking for that natural-look that is environmentally friendly to plants. Plants love this mulch and its dark color enhances the colors of your plants. Most of the ingredients of this mulch are what the growers use. The color does not change to grey. It maintains its color. It is the only mulch you can mix in you're your native soil to improve the quality of your soil for better growth.
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